What did I do?: Ha, you didn’t actually offend me in any way. I just wanted to say thanks for the empathy. My parents are from Taiwan too, and I grew up in San Diego. In your I’m Asian Cracked article, you might have also mentioned that Asian people aren’t free from their own racism. My mom was made in China and lived in China for a total of 3 days before being hustled over to Taiwan. She spent the next couple of decades living in Taiwan and remembering absolutely nothing about her 3 days in China when she was .01 years old. Taiwanese kids in her school called her a Foreigner from China who should go back to her country at least as many times as I’ve personally been asked “where are you REALLY from?” in the US. Which is a LOT. Since I’m female, I get it from super racist old white ladies and really clueless white guys who mistakenly think they’re being tolerant and charming but are really raging douchenozzles. Anyway, thanks for writing! It’s nice to see Asian people have a voice and not fear using it. See my obviously not Asian or female alias? Yeah, that’s how much bravery I have. But you – YOU! – you even posted pictures. I like you. Thanks.

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